Conscious Adoption: Parent Education Courses

Each course is six-sessions, meeting once-a-week for 1.5 hours.

Every child deserves to know their origin story and why they came to be part of their adoptive family. Many adoptive parents have no model for how to successfully talk about the various circumstances that led them to adopt and often find themselves adrift in uncharted territory. This course will help you build your child’s legacy within your family structure through: 

  • Creating space for parents to practice talking about their decision to adopt
  • Integrating their adoption story into the family story
  • Digging beneath the surface of the common adoption narrative

This curriculum has been developed by both an adoptee (Astrid Castro, director and founder of Adoption Mosaic) and an adoptive parent (Sujata Soni Wipper, school psychologist). Our aim is to serve kids and parents in the spirit of openness and understanding.

COST: $400/household 

The kids grow up so fast! Adoptive parents may become grandparents. And the issues related to adoption are over. Or maybe the issues take on a new form. Join us for a virtual six week program to talk together.

  •  Reflect on why we chose adoption, and what we have learned over decades of raising children
  • Dig into the challenges of talking about race, the adoption industry, gratitude, anger, adoption fog, search, and reunion
  • Practice talking about these adoption issues with your adult children and with others, in ways that are clear, respectful, and helpful. 

This curriculum has been developed by both an adoptee, Astrid Castro, Director and Founder of Adoption Mosaic, and an adoptive parent, Maureen McCauley. Our aim is to serve adoptees (including those who are adults) and parents in the spirit of openness and understanding. 

COST: $400/household