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Wenger-Davis, Saiming
Panel: Adoptee Liberation or Exploitation: Pros and Cons of DNA testing (July 2020)

Saiming was adopted when she was just over one year old from Jiangxi, China to a LGBTQ+ family. At the age of 3, they adopted her younger sister who is also from China. Saiming has participated and volunteered with Adoption Mosaic for years. She is currently not in reunion with her birth family, but has used 23andMe to start her search. She is excited to share both her hesitation and excitement of the pros and cons of DNA testing.


White, Kathryn
Panel: Adoptees and Parenting or Deciding Not to Parent (April 2020) 

Kathryn is a domestic adoptee in her mid 50’s. She and her wife Sue have two children. They co-parent their oldest, a 22-year-old biological child, with two dads. Their teenage son is, among many other things, an adoptee; he was born in Guatemala. Both Kathryn and Sue have adoptee siblings. With two decades of parenting behind her Kathryn still has plenty of questions and very few answers, but the journey continues to be incredibly meaningful.