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We The Experts: Adoptee Speaker Series​

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Taylor-Mosquera, Jacob
Panel: Adoptees and Our Relationships with Fathers (June 2020)

Jacob was born in Cali, Colombia and adopted at seven months to a family in Washington state. He has returned to Colombia seven times, having lived and worked there while searching for, and finding his biological mother. He is now in his 12th year of searching for his biological father, who does not know he exists. Jacob maintains a loving relationship with his adoptive father but topics surrounding race, ethnicity and privilege do not arise.


Transue-Woolston, Amanda
Panel: Adoptee Therapists (November 2020)

Amanda Transue-Woolston was adopted as an infant through the largest adoption agency in the US. For over a decade, Amanda has served children and families through therapy, groups, community organizing, policy advocacy, writing, and lecturing. Currently, Amanda is faculty for several colleges teaching social work, psychology, and sociology classes. Amanda is the founder of the Lost Daughters and The Declassified Adoptee and co-founder of Roots Incorporated. She looks forward to sharing perspectives from the field with fellow professionals on this panel.