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Salisbury, Liz
Panel: Adoptees and Parenting or Deciding Not to Parent (April 2020) 

Liz was adopted from Seoul and is currently living in the Denver area. At an early age, she knew she did not have a desire to have children and currently has a very high maintenance cat who fulfills a child-like role. While children of her own are not in her future, that does not stop her from being a doting aunt to her friend's kids.


Slack, Tamera
Panel: Adoptees and Mother's Day (May 2020)

Tamera was adopted domestically as an infant in 1965. In her adoptive family, she was the youngest child of three, with two older brothers, one adopted, one biological. At age 18, she became pregnant and under extreme pressure from her adoptive parents and their church community, her son was relinquished into a closed adoption. 25 years later she found her son as well as her own birth mother and her three younger half sisters. Tamera is now passionate about ethical adoption practices that are informed and focused on supporting and protecting birth mothers, birth families and adoptees.