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Olyer, Stephanie
Panel: To Search or Not To Search (October 2020)

Stephanie Oyler a transracial adoptee, adopted out of the US foster care system at the age of four. She is a licensed master social worker, therapist, speaker, and writer. She currently leads the clinical support to all members of the adoption constellation pre-and-post adoption for her county's adoption unit. At the age of 18, Stephanie began the process of initiating the process through her adoption agency to reunite with her first family. She was in reunion with her first mother for almost 12 years before her mother passed. She found her extended paternal family through and is now in reunion with her paternal Aunt. Stephanie is also the founder and owner of Adoptee LIT, LLC which provides consultation and education to families impacted by adoption. She looks forward to speaking on this panel about the pros and cons of choosing to search or not and why she ultimately made the decision to find her first family.