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Hagland, Mark
Panel: LGBTQ+ and Adoptee Identity (August 2020)

Mark Hagland was born in South Korea in 1960 and adopted by American parents, and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He is a professional journalist, and has been living in Chicago since 1981. He has spent two decades participating in in-person and online forums around transracial adoption. He has spoken dozens of times at a variety of in-person conferences, on such topics as transracial adoptee identity formation, physical self-image issues, birth-country visits, and transracial adoptees' social relationships. He has also written articles and has contributed to several anthologies of books written by teams of adult transracial adoptees, including Parenting As Adoptees, Outsiders Within, and The Unknown Culture Club.


Hasberry, Abby, PhD
Panel: Adoptees, Mental Health and Suicide Awareness: Break the Silence, Break the Stigma (September 2020)

Dr. Abby Hasberry is a transracial adoptee. She struggled in silence with anxiety and depression for most of her life. Using her expertise in racial identity development, Abby began coaching transracial adoptees, but realized that therapy was the true need, not coaching. She is currently in school to become a licensed professional counselor to address the lack of African American, adoption-experienced counselors. She is excited to be on this panel to share her experiences and to break the silence of mental health and adoption.


Haynes, Brooke
Panel: Adoptees and Mother's Day (May 2020)

Brooke is a domestic adoptee in her early 40’s. She has two children: A daughter whom she had at age 15 and a son at age 36. She put her first child up for adoption and is raising her second child in an non-traditional arrangement with his father. Being on both sides of adoption, including having a biological child, she has experienced many dynamics of the adoption constellation and loves sharing her story with others and supporting those who are navigating through their own journeys.