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Gibbons, Blake
Panel: Adoptees and Our Relationships with Fathers (June 2020)

Blake is a queer domestic Adoptee, and resident of Colorado. They are in a master's program studying child welfare history, policy, and trends in social values and beliefs. Blake is the curator of Not Your Orphan, a YouTube channel covering Adoptee-centric topics and discussions. In the past two years Blake met their first/birth father, and also lost their Adoptive father; “I am humbled to have the opportunity to discuss the concept of fatherhood with fellow adoptees.”


Gieseke, Shelise
Panel: To Search or Not To Search (October 2020)

Shelise Gieseke is a transracial Korean adoptee raised by a white family in rural Minnesota. Shelise has volunteered and worked for Adoption Mosaic intermittently since 2009. She has also served as an editor for the blog and online magazine Land of Gazillion Adoptees (now dormant). Shelise is the only adoptee in her family. Her older brother, older sister, and younger brother are her parents’ biological children. In 2011, with the help of the adoptee organization G’OAL, Shelise traveled to Korea with her husband to search for her Korean family. While in Korea, she was able to visit her Korean adoption agency, view her original intake paperwork, and she also appeared on a Korean TV show. However, she did not find her Korean family. Shelise enjoys writing, speaking, and engaging with members of the adoption constellation about the adoptee experience.


Gorie, Jeannie
Panel: Adoptees and Mother's Day (May 2020)

Jeannie is an international Colombian adoptee. Adopted at 17 months old to an Irish Catholic family who had adopted her brother a year prior, who is also adopted from Bogotá Colombia. When she was 22-years-old, she became pregnant and at the time very alone and placed her son in an open adoption in Seattle. Since then she has had a strong relationship with both her son and his extended family.


Guida-Richards, Melissa
Panel: To Search or Not To Search (October 2020)

Melissa Guida-Richards is a transracial adoptee. She was adopted in 1993 from Colombia to a family in the USA. She is an author and host of the Adoptee Thoughts podcast who has written essays about finding birth family on Huffpo about finding half-siblings on 23andMe, and her experience as a late-discovery adoptee. Find her on Insider, Level, Zora,Electric Literature, and her next book, THE WHITE SAVIOR MENTALITY, will be out in Fall 2021. She is excited to be on this panel to talk more about the nuances of searching for biological family.


Gyu, Daniel
Panel: LGBTQ+ and Adoptee Identity (August 2020)

Daniel (he/they) was adopted transracially from South Korea at 4 months old to a family who raised him in Chicago. He is currently living in Portland where he is an artist, educator and community organizer. Daniel has worked as a teaching artist for the Right Brain Initiative, a cultural worker and placemaking artist for the Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon, and most recently helped create Yeondae, an action-oriented social justice collective building solidarity for Korean American adoptees. Daniel looks forward to being on this panel to share how being a queer transracial adoptee has opened him up to an exponentially complicated web of intersectional identities and how that has fueled his passion to impact reform to institutional systems.