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Forero-Hilty, Abby
Panel: Adoptee Liberation or Exploitation: Pros and Cons of DNA testing (July 2020)

Abby was adopted as an infant from Bogotá, Colombia to a suburb of New York City. She grew up as an only child and always dreamt of one day finding her mother in Colombia. In 2012 Abby was (re)united with her mother and the maternal half of her family. Five years later, Abby worked with 16 fellow Colombian adoptees to publish the book, Decoding Our Origins: The Lived Experiences of Colombian Adoptees. All proceeds from the anthology go toward purchasing DNA kits for first families in Colombia and helping Colombian adoptees worldwide to get affordable DNA kits. Abby believes all adoptees and immediate first family members should have access to affordable DNA kits and be fully informed about the potential pros and cons of DNA testing if they decide to test.