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Cady-Reheis, Carlos
Panel: Adoptees, Mental Health and Suicide Awareness: Break the Silence, Break the Stigma (September 2020)

Carlos Cady-Reheis is an amazing young man. After being adopted from Peru, circa 18 months old, and growing up near Golden, CO he always felt self conscious about his brown skin. This along with a cleft lip created confidence problems. Not the least of which was with his involvement in relationships. In 2009 he harmed himself after a big breakup, ever since he has tried to make the most of life. Maybe his abandonment as an infant caused him to struggle thru breakups heavily. Now married and stay at home dad with a 2 year old daughter, life is more stable.


Carr, Chris
Panel: Adoptees and Our Relationships with Fathers (June 2020)

Chris was adopted from Seoul, South Korea through Korean Social Services in 1990 to a family near Columbus, Ohio. In 2008, he traveled to Korea with the Korean Ties Program and was able to meet his biological parents/family. Since then, he has kept in touch and visits when possible. His adoptive and biological fathers have not met yet, but Chris hopes one day they will be able to. In the fall of 2019, during a visit to Korea, Chris learned additional pieces of his adoption story and hopes the healing process for everyone can begin.


Chisholm, Chad
Panel: LGBTQ+ and Adoptee Identity (August 2020)

Chad is a domestic adoptee born in the 1990’s. His commercial photography business keeps him busy in his studio and on location. Married to his husband for 6 years, together for 11 years, Chad has been out since he was 17 years old. Chad actively participates in conversations and committees serving the LGBTQ+ communities. Chad has contributed to various LGBTQ+ platforms, and publications as well as serving on the Visit Denver LGBT committee. Navigating the adoption narrative, Chad enjoys volunteering his photographic talents to the Heart Gallery in Colorado, where he currently lives.


Cordano, Pam, MFT
Panel: Adoptees, Mental Health and Suicide Awareness: Break the Silence, Break the Stigma (September 2020)

Pam Cordano, MFT, is passionate about healing from trauma and despair. Born to a mentally ill and abusive teenage mom in 1965, Pam was in foster care before being adopted at 6 months. She grew up feeling deeply lonely and estranged from her life. It wasn’t until she was 46 yrs old that she definitely knew she wanted to be here, alive, looking for ways to connect with the world. It means a lot to Pam to participate on this panel because feeling suicidal is often a secret, which makes it more dangerous. Working together, we can more effectively understand and intervene with suicidality in the adoptee population.


Corriveau, Jenna
Panel: Adoptees and Parenting or Deciding Not to Parent (April 2020) 

Jenna is a 37 year old Colombian Transracial Adoptee, raised in CT. She and her partner Tucker have 2 children, 5 and 2 years old. Having children is what pushed Jenna completely “out of the fog” and now she’s focused on connecting with her roots, in a variety of ways, and sharing it all with her children. She feels like motherhood has been her ultimate journey of self-discovery.